adult swimming lessons torontoAdult Swim Programs

Learn to swim at any age, or build confidence and strength to your skill knowledge.

At Aquatics Academy, our adult swim programs are designed for all levels of swimmers. Whether you’re upgrading your skills, or simply a first time swimmer, we have a wide range of options. Our experienced team of instructors use established learning principles to structure the adult swim program, and always ensure that individual swimmer’s needs are properly addressed.

Beginner Swimmers:

For the beginner, we teach basic skills in order to be comfortable in and around water. Our instructors teach you how to float, eventually without assistance. It’s also important to learn how to enter and exit the water safely and to learn basic water precautions. Finally, our beginners learn stroke development skills, self-support in water, and the critical breathing techniques.

Intermediate and Advanced Swimmers:

The intermediate and advanced levels in the adult swim program are designed for the individuals who already know how to swim but would like to: improve their strokes, become more efficient in the water, gain confidence in the deep end and to improve individual fitness levels.

These swimming classes in Toronto would include front and back crawl, breaststroke, elementary Back stroke,  treading water, and for the more advanced swimmers Butterfly.

Personalized Approach:

The team at Aquatics Academy makes every effort to personalize each swim program with a low student/instructor ratio. We work hard to address your personal needs and to meet any specific goals you might have. In fact, we can also provide lessons at your home or condo, for you or for a small group. Whatever your particular swimming level, you’ll benefit from our programs.

At Aquatics Academy, you can learn to swim at any age, while you build self-confidence and skills knowledge. Adult beginner swimming classes are 30 - 45 minutes in length, while intermediate and advanced lessons are 45- 60 minutes in length. We cover everything from rhythmic breathing, to rollover floats, to weight transfer, to deep-water activities. Beyond the swim skills, we also focus on staying safe in the water with a number of water safety modules. Swimmers must complete a fitness screening.

Aquatics Academy offers expert instructors (and fabulous facilities)

Because we strive for a low student/instructor ratio, adult swimmers receive more personalized attention, particularly beginners who naturally need it the most. Our adult beginners do not get “lost in the crowd” and our instructors make the time to focus on specific skills development.

At Aquatics Academy, our swim instructors are certified to teach all levels, and our senior staff generally supervises all of the programs. This approach ensures the highest level of teaching, safety, and security. Best of all, we offer a super clean and comfortable swimming environment.

As a convenience of our swimmers, Aquatics Academy now operates out of multiple GTA locations, including our main swim facility located in North York and our other swim center in Toronto. We have spacious change rooms and even provide hair dryers, shampoo/ conditioner and body wash. Our swimmers can feel very much “at home”.

Whatever swim program you might choose for yourself or your family, we are always available to talk about personal issues or special needs. For those who may require, we can offer various swimming classes and programs in Toronto that are more customized to suit particular requirements – just ask us!

Swimming Lesson in Toronto Duration 

  • Beginner 30-45 min (learn basic skills)
  • Intermediate/Advance 45-60 min (stroke improvement, fitness)

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  • Movement in the water / Weight Transfer
  • Submerge Face - open eyes
  • Rhythmic breathing 10 times
  • Front/back floats with recovery
  • Front/back/side glide with flutter kick
  • Roll-over floats/glides with flutter kick
  • Introduction to sculling
  • Front swim 5 meters
  • Deepwater activities
  • Endurance swim 15 meters
  • Being prepared
  • Staying safe
  • PFD's and Life Jackets
  • Change directions
  • SurfaceSupport
  • Throwing/Reaching assists
  • Safety Scenes
  • Water Safety Modules



  • Complete fitness screening form

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