Swimming Classes in Toronto

If you’re looking for quality swimming classes in Toronto, you’ll find Aquatics Academy to be one of Toronto’s premier swim schools. We offer everything from swimming lessons, to first aid instruction, to advanced lifeguard training. Our instructor/student ratio is low and personal attention is where we succeed. We offer classes for beginners, intermediates, and advanced swimmers – and simply for fun!

Swimming Classes in Toronto for Parents and Tots

For most parents, organized swimming classes are equally exciting for both parent and child. At Aquatics Academy, our Parents and Tots Program is a unique aquatic experience for children who will be continuing to swim in one of our Red Cross Preschool Programs. This is the ideal starting point for every child – with our proven teaching methods and our team of highly experienced swim instructors.

In our Parent and Tot Program, your child will begin learning basic swimming skills and water safety.  The program is targeted at kids from 4 months to 3 years. Our approach is “skills-based”, even at the youngest age. And while safety is a priority, we never forget to provide a fun and enjoyable experience. All in shallow water, these swimming lessons incorporate floating, kicking, and jumping into water.

Aquatics Academy offers Advanced Swim Courses

Our advanced swim courses are designed to be in-depth and comprehensive. We provide the most expert training and instruction, and ensure that every participant is prepared for their certification.

The Canadian Swim Patrol Program is the launch point for lifeguard training. With three levels, this course focuses on stroke development, which lays down a solid foundation for moving forward to medal-level awards. Rescue and First Aid is incorporated, setting the stage for Bronze Certification.

The Bronze Star is preparation for the Bronze Medallion. Here, swimmers enhance decision-making skills and problem-solving skills. Candidates will learn CPR, while developing lifesaving skills. The Bronze Star is a prerequisite for the Bronze Medallion (only if a candidate is under the age of 13).

The Bronze Medallion course teaches lifesaving skills based on the four principles of water rescue: knowledge; fitness; judgment; skill. Participants learn relevant skills for challenging rescues, including higher-risk situations with unconscious victims. Emergency First Aid and CPR B is also taught, with a specific focus on heart attack, stroke, external bleeding, angina and other health complications.

Looking for Adult Swimming Classes in Toronto?

If you’re interested in adult swimming classes in Toronto, Aquatics Academy offers programs for all skill levels. Whether you want to upgrade your skills, or you’re a first time swimmer, we have an option for you. Our experienced instructors will ensure that your individual needs are addressed.

For beginner swimmers, we teach you the basic skills so you’ll be comfortable in the water. Instructors will teach you to properly float, to enter/exit the pool safely, and basic water security. You will learn stroke development skills, self-supporting yourself in the water, and important breathing techniques.

Our intermediate and advanced classes are designed for those who know how to swim. We focus on stroke improvement, confidence in deep water, and enhancement of fitness levels. You will learn the front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke, backstroke, treading, and the butterfly (advanced swimmers).

For Some of the Best Swimming Classes in Toronto, Contact Aquatics Academy

With several locations in the GTA, Aquatics Academy operates a main swim facility in North York. Whatever swim program you choose, we’ll have something for yourself or your kids. We are also available to discuss special needs, and for those who require, we can customize a swim program to suit. Find out more at https://www.aquaticsacademy.ca/program/toddler-swimming-lessons-toronto or call us directly at 647.350.SWIM.

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