Aquatics Academy Policies

  1. The use of cell phones, cameras and video cameras on the pool deck and in the change rooms is strictly prohibited;
  2. Toronto Health regulations state that no food, drink or street shoes are allowed on the pool deck and or change rooms. Please ask one of the staff members if you require shoe covers to wear over your outside shoes.
  3. All children under 4 years of age or children who are not toilet trained must wear an approved reusable snug fit swim diaper. The swim diaper must not have velcro or button snaps. You can purchase Charlie Banana swim diapers for $19.97 + GST at our Champagne Center pool.
  4. NO phone registration will be accepted. All registration must be done online or by email. Completed forms, together with necessary payment, is necessary for registration
  5. In the event of non-payment of an outstanding balance owing for a specific session/program in question, the initial deposit will not be refunded and the reserved space no longer held.
  6. Aquatics Academy will not be responsible for supervising such change rooms/washrooms and that clients are expected to comply with age/gender restrictions in the use of such change/washrooms. All persons in the facility ages 8 years and older MUST use their gender specific washroom and showers.  All persons in the facility ages 8 years and older MUST use their gender specific washroom and showers. If a child is 8 years old or under they must use the gender specific washroom/showers that of  their accompanying guardian
  7. NUDE bathing is not permitted in any facility operated by Aquatics Academy.
  8. NO changing of clothes and/or diapers is permitted on the pool deck and/or the viewing gallery
  9. Personal belongings are not to be left in the changing cubicles. Please leave all belongings in the provided lockers in the family change room and/or cubbies in the viewing gallery.

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