Mobile Aquatics Swim Lessons

Aquatics Academy provides private mobile swimming lessons in the comfort of your home pool or condo pool. If you have your own pool or access to a pool, our certified swimming instructors will come directly to you anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area.

Swimming Lessons in Your Condo Pool or Backyard Pool!

mobile swim lessons aquatics academy swim vehicle lessons at home toronto vaughan north york gta We offer all of the accredited badges and certificates and our private mobile lessons require no parental supervision while we teach. Aquatics Academy is fully insured and our instructors are fully certified by the Canadian Red Cross and Lifesaving Society. Best of all, these private lessons can be customized to suit the swimmer’s skill level.

For advanced swimmers (including competitive swimmers), we can offer instruction in advanced stroke improvement, as well as athletic endurance development. In short, we’re dedicated to making everyone’s home swimming experience as constructive and productive as possible.

Beyond the conventional learn-to-swim programs (for children, adults, and seniors), Aquatics Academy can also offer First Aid & CPR classes, Leadership Programs (Swim Patrol, Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion & Bronze Cross), and Red Cross Water Safety Learn to Swim Programs. When it comes to private home programs, there are no limits to age – we can do it all from age 3 months.

With home lessons, scheduling and frequency can be customized to suit your needs. And while these lessons are designed for private homes or condos, it’s also possible to arrange private style classes at an Aquatics Academy facility. Here again, all skill levels and ages are accommodated.

A highly personalized approach to swimming with Aquatics Academy

With private home lessons, swim instruction is totally personalized. With a highly-skilled instructor, there’s no better way to learn. This applies to swimmers of all ages, and at Aquatics Academy we offer home lessons for infants, young children, adults, and even senior citizens.

The great benefit of home lessons is individual attention – everything is tailored to specific skills development, stroke improvement, and performance enhancement. When our instructors see the need, special focus is given to a specific area. The aim is a highly personalized approach.

Aquatics Academy always sends out highly qualified and accredited instructors. We guarantee a high standard of teaching, without compromising safety. With comprehensive insurance, our clients can rest assured that we are completely covered to protect both our students and staff.

For those who would prefer private lessons at our facility, we can arrange that at our main pool, located centrally in North York. The pool facility is state-of-the-art; change rooms are spacious; and our swimmers are provided with all the amenities:  hair dryers, shampoo/ conditioner & body wash.

Private swim program or otherwise, we’re always available to discuss personal issues and special needs with our students. The truth is, we can offer a customized approach to classes and lessons to suit virtually every need. We have the experience and expertise to meet your expectations.

To find out more, contact one of our senior staff to discuss your needs and schedule. We’ll offer our advice and suggestions on a suitable program, whether it’s for pleasure swimming or training and competition. Naturally, our aim is to provide the most professional swim instruction we can.

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