Swim School in Toronto

Aquatics Academy is a swim school in Toronto that offers top quality lessons and programs. Are you looking for the best swimming lessons in the city? Do you want to become an expert swimmer or have your child become one? Aquatics Academy can make that happen. We offer swimming lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced swimmers—everyone has the opportunity to sign up and develop their swimming skills.

The Top Swim School in Toronto For Adults

You can learn to swim at any age, plus build strength and confidence in the process. Our adult swim programs are designed for each different swimming level. Whether you’re a first-time swimmer or are upgrading your skills, we have a wide range of options to choose from. Our experienced team of instructors used established learning principles to create this program for adult swimmers. They also always ensure that each individual’s needs are addressed with care.

For each beginner swimmer, we teach basic skills so you can be comfortable around and in water. Our instructors teach you how to float until you can float on your own, without assistance. It’s also important to learn basic water precautions and enter and exit the water safely. Furthermore, our beginner students learn self-support in water, critical breathing techniques and stroke development skills.

The intermediate and advanced levels in our adult swim program have been developed for those who already know how to swim but would like to be more efficient in the water, more confident in the deep end, and improve their strokes and fitness levels. These classes typically include treading water, front and back crawl, backstroke, breaststroke, and swimmer’s Butterfly for more advanced swimmers.

Our Skilled Instructors

Our swim instructors are certified to teach all levels and our senior staff typically supervise all of our programs. This ensures the highest level of safety, teaching and security. Our instructors offer a low instructor-to-student ratio which translates into a much more personalized lesson, especially for beginners. Our instructors focus on specific skill development that is customized for each student’s needs. Most importantly, we always offer a super comfortable and clean swimming environment.

Whichever swim program you might choose for yourself or your family, our team is approachable to discuss special needs or personal issues. We offer a variety of programs and classes that are more customized to suit any of your requirements.

Swimming Lessons in Toronto For Your Kids

Our swim school in Toronto offers swimming lessons for kids over the age of 5. The Red Cross Swim Kids is a program with 10 levels that kids can progress through. At Aquatics Academy, your child will be taught how to swim and have fun while being safe. Even in the early years, our classes promote personal achievement and success at every level.

The Red Cross program incorporates both survival skills and stroke improvement. As your child advances through the levels, the objective is to increase stroke efficiency and distance. Our main focus is always on safety—always being aware and making safe decisions.

The Aquatics Academy team also emphasizes a variety of fitness components that are aimed to encourage personal improvement. We promote swimming as a lifelong activity for every child.

Classes That Will Change Your Life

Making the decision to take swimming lessons can change your life, help you develop important lifesaving skills, stay fit and enjoy a hobby. It can be very rewarding to experience making progress with the variety of skills that are taught. Our swim school in Toronto can help. Call us at 647-350-SWIM or visit our contact page at https://www.aquaticsacademy.ca/contact/ to learn more.

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