Is It Too Late to Start Adult Swimming Lessons?

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The answer is, it is never too late to learn the life-saving skills of swimming, no matter how old you may be. There are a lot of adults out there who may have not had the opportunity to learn how to swim as a child. At Aquatics Academy, we have designed adult swim programs for all swimming levels, in Toronto and North York. Whatever you are looking for, perhaps you want to upgrade your current swimming skills, or this is your first time in the pool, we have a variety of adult aged programs you can choose from. Our goal is to make sure you feel comfortable and confident in the pool while gaining strength in your swim skill knowledge. Our experienced swim instructors’ use highly recognized learning philosophies to assemble our adult swim programs, and they always ensure that your individual needs are addressed.

Beginner Swimmers

For the beginner, we facilitate straightforward skills in order for you to feel comfortable in and nearby the water. Our swim instructors will educate you on how to float, ultimately without any assistance. They will teach you how to enter and exit the water safely and you will learn basic water provisions and precautions. Additionally, they will educate you on self-support in the water, stroke development skills, and breathing techniques.

Intermediate & Advanced Swimmers

Both of these levels in our adult swim program are specifically designed for those who already know how to swim but are looking to; become more efficient and effective in the water, improve their swim strokes, increase their confidence in the deep end, and to improve their overall physical fitness levels.  The strokes that are focused on our back and front crawl, elementary backstroke, breaststroke, treading water, and for the more advanced swimmer, the butterfly stroke is introduced and practiced.

Lifesaving Courses

As an adult, if you are looking to take your swimming journey up a notch, Aquatics Academy offers more in-depth and comprehensive courses, where you will feel well prepared for any certification you are looking to delve into. As always our lifesaving course instructors are chosen based on their experience, accreditation and skill set. Under the Canadian Lifesaving Society guidelines, we are proud to offer a wide variety of highly recognized accredited medal programs and first aid training.

Aquatics Academy Offers Both Beautiful Facilities & Outstanding Instructors

Adult swimmers receive the personalized attention they need, as our programming is designed with a low instructor-student ratio, more specifically for beginners who organically will require it the most. Our instructors always take the time to specifically focus on ongoing skill development with our adult students. We guarantee the highest level of instruction in, security and safety. 

We offer a super comfortable and clean swimming environment and we now operate out of two GTA locations, including our main swim facility located in North York and our other swim center in Toronto. Aquatics Academy offers roomy change rooms along with hairdryers; shampoo and body wash, making it feel like your swim home away from home. We also offer free WIFI and lots of parking.

Whatever swim program you might choose for yourself or your family, we are always here to connect with your personal requirements and specific needs. We offer the best adult swim programs in both Toronto and North York.  Be in touch today to get started at 647-350-SWIM or contact us here.

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