What Red Cross Swim Levels are Available in Toronto?

Posted in Red Cross Swim, on January 13, 2020 By Admin

When researching the best swim schools in Toronto for your family, we highly recommend partnering with a swim school that offers Red Cross swim programs. At Aquatics Academy, we offer Red Cross swimming programs for toddlers all the way up to adults.  Here are some of the highly-reputable Red Cross Swim Programs available to you in Toronto when you register with Aquatics Academy.

Red Cross Parent and Tots Swim

For many of us as parents with young children, the first swim class experience for your toddler can be daunting, but exhilarating, and very important, all at the same time.  You want to find the right swim school to begin your family’s swimming education experience. At Aquatics Academy, we offer a specialized Red Cross Parent and Tots Program. The program provides an enjoyable and fun way for your baby to learn how being in the water feels while building awareness and a level of comfort in and around the pool. 

The Red Cross Toddler Program is the next level up, and takes place in the shallow water, with kicking, floating and jumping activities.  You as the parent or caregiver can participate in the water with them, even if you have minor swimming experience. At this level, children learn the basics of water safety, which helps them to develop independence and intuition in the water.

The Aquatics Academy team instructs at an age-appropriate pace, combining games and songs to make things exciting and fun. Some of the skills that are focused on at the Tot and Toddler levels include water buoyancy, breathing, and putting their head fully underwater, depending on whether your child is ready for this. 

Red Cross Pre-School Swim 

The Red Cross Pre-School Swim Program is for children 2.5-5 years of age.  Children move through each Red Cross level based on ongoing skill evaluations, so their safety is always protected. Our Aquatics Academy team of highly qualified instructors focus on floating practice with your child, with the ultimate goal of children being able to float in water without any added support.  We then move into detailed water safety, to guarantee your child is comfortable and confident in the water. After this, important breathing techniques and essential swim stroke skills are presented and practiced, so that your child can continue to utilize these skills anytime they are in the water.

Red Cross Kids Swim 

Red Cross Kids Swim is comprised of a 10-step swim program, designed for children 5 years and older. As with the other programs above, all of our Red Cross swimming programs encourage personal success and achievement at every level. At this particular level of the Red Cross program, our instructors focus on both improving your child’s swim strokes and developing critical survival skills. As your child advances, the goal is to increase their stroke competence and stroke distance. Beyond that, our #1 focus is water safety, helping your child to develop their intuition in the water in order to make safe decisions in any situation. In this program, we communicate consistently with you about your child’s level advancements and evaluation.  We cater to their specific needs and development in order to provide the best learning experience possible for them, and you.

At Aquatics Academy we believe that offering the best swim classes available to your child is of utmost importance to their long-term safety and well-being. Red Cross Swim Programs create a positive swimming experience and learning environment for your child, encouraging them to make swimming part of a healthy lifestyle and a lifelong skill. We are excited and eager to have you join us.  Get in touch with us by calling 647-350-SWIM, or filling out our online form.

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