Helping Kids Improve their Freestyle Swimming Technique

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When it comes to improving freestyle swimming technique with kids, it is important to practice good technique as much as possible.  The more they practice the more they will achieve a moderate pace in a more relaxed fashion and/or a fast pace without getting tired too quickly.  Having great technique is the key to success when it comes to freestyle swimming. At Aquatics Academy we believe that there are many distinctions to the freestyle swim stroke for kids to emulate, and we have quite a few tips to share for technique improvement.  Whether your child is a beginner, advanced, or a fast/slow swimmer, these tips will address all of their needs when it comes to improving their freestyle swimming technique.

What is freestyle swimming?

The freestyle stroke is the most efficient and therefore the fastest of swimming strokes. It is frequently the preferred stroke of both experienced swimmers and triathletes. To learn to freestyle swim, your child will practice in a prone position in the pool, while their arms will be in a rotation movement. One arm travels backward in the water from an above the head position towards their hip and provides momentum. Their other arm recuperates atop the water from the hip, near the overhead position. Next, their arms will switch positions. At the same time, their legs do the flutter kick position, meaning, the legs are extended and will kick upwards and downwards in the water while pointing their feet. The flutter kick is both a simplistic and efficient kicking technique.

Our top 7 tips to help kids improve their freestyle swim technique 

1. Try not to lift your head forward out of the water to breathe

It is not recommended for your child to lift their head out of the water before turning sideways to breathe. This can cause their legs and hips to drop and lose power. Instead, while rolling to the side, they should turn their head a bit further, so that their mouth leaves the water. This should feel like turning their head on a pillow lying on the surface. 

2. Try not to hold your breath 

When kids are swimming the freestyle stroke, it is important for them to find both a constant and steady exhalation out their mouth or nose while their face is in the water. This will prevent the feeling of being out of breath.  When you hold your breath in the water, carbon dioxide builds up in the lungs, which will give you that ‘out of breath’ feeling. We also recommend inhaling on every third stroke, as this is a good breathing pattern for both sides of their body, to receive plenty of oxygen.

3. Try to find relaxation in the water

When kids are swimming the freestyle stroke in the pool, it is important for them to try and relax their whole body allowing the water to support them, and to think about pushing their power toward moving their body forward.  It is best not to try and fight the water, instead of for them to try and go with the flow of it.

4. Try to align the spine

Before your child gets in the water, have them stand tall and look straight in front of them.  They should bring awareness to their neck and try their best to align it with their spine. It is important to try to take this exact position to the water.  When in the water, kids should keep their head in line with the rest of their body and try to look directly at the bottom of the pool. 

5. Swim on your sides

It is best for kids to swim the freestyle stroke by rolling their body from side to side during the stroke cycle. This will enable them to activate their bigger back muscles and shoulder muscles, which will give more strength to their arm strokes.

6. Glide your freestyle

When kids swim the freestyle stroke, it is recommended that each stroke practiced should feel separated from the next one, with a transitory glide.  This is best achieved when their arm enters the water, above their head, while keeping it fully extended for a few seconds before the next stroke.

7. Kick from the hips

We recommend that when kids swim the freestyle stroke, that they kick from their hips.  To do this efficiently, it is important for kids to relax their knees and point their toes, and finding that feeling like the tops of their feet are striking the surface of the water while making a small splash.

At Aquatics Academy we offer many swim programs for kids to help to support their freestyle stroke practice.  From an early age, we provide Parent and Tots swim programs, and as they progress, we are pleased to offer the Red Cross pre-school and Red Cross swim kids programming. With freestyle swimming, Red Cross experience as well as good swim technique is critical for success. Having all of this experience as well as a great technique will allow your kids to freestyle swim at a pace that won’t tire them too quickly and to strengthen their swim practice overall. 

Aquatics Academy swim school is proud to serve families in both north and south Toronto, North York, Vaughan, Thornhill, Woodbridge, Aurora and Newmarket.  Our mission is to guarantee that our parents and their children feel both confident and happy while learning lifesaving skills with their swimming experiences. We make it our mission to keep our families both highly satisfied and pleased, and our team will go above and beyond to make this occur.

We hope that you will find our tips to help your kids improve their freestyle swim technique usefully. Aquatics Academy welcomes you to experience the best swim school in Toronto. Connect with us today to meet our swim staff at 647.350.SWIM or read more about swim programs at Aquatics Academy

We look forward to showing you around our state of the art swim facilities and to help you choose the right swim program for your child and their needs.

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