Toddler Swimming Lessons in Toronto

If you’re currently looking for toddler swimming lessons in Toronto, it’s likely your child’s first swimming experience. In a good swim program, it could be the start of a lifelong love for swimming. In many cases, the swim experience is as exciting for the parent as for the child.

At Aquatics Academy, parents often ask us what age a child should start swim lessons. The fact is, a child of 6 months could join a parent and tot program. Parent and child are both in the water, allowing the child to get comfortable with the environment, but without learning swim skills.

Aquatics Academy offers toddler swimming lessons in Toronto

Aquatics Academy offers a comprehensive Parent and Tot Program that precedes our Red Cross Preschool Programs. We have a fabulous swimming facility, a proven teaching methodology, and a team of highly experienced swimming instructors.

Above all, our Parent and Tot Program is fun – it’s an ideal way for a child to get comfortable in the water and build self-confidence. This program is designed for children up to 3 years old, with a skills-based method, and water safety as a priority.

Your child partakes in shallow water activities like floating, kicking, and jumping in the water. A parent or guardian accompanies each child (even without swimming ability). In this program, children get more and more comfortable in water.

At Aquatics Academy, our instructors combine songs and games in a water experience that is fun and enjoyable. At this level, basic skills include breathing, buoyancy, and water immersion. It’s all   dependent on a child’s ability and comfort in water.

In the Parent and Tot Program, we also educate parents, so they continue practicing with their child. This is important in reinforcing skills development. If you’re looking for toddler swimming lessons in Toronto, this is the program to choose.

Some benefits of toddler swimming lessons at Aquatics Academy

When your child learns to swim at an early age, the benefits are lifelong. Your child will overcome any water fears; will develop motor skills; and will cultivate socializing skills with other children.

For toddler swimming lessons in Toronto, sign up at Aquatics Academy

If you’re ready to sign up for toddler swimming lessons in Toronto, Aquatics Academy has the right program for you. We offer quality swimming lessons, personal attention, and low instructor to student ratio. Call us at 647.350.SWIM or sign up on our website - https://www.aquaticsacademy.ca.

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