Swimming Classes For Kids in Toronto

At Aquatics Academy, we are your go-to place for swimming classes for kids in Toronto. Are you trying to find the right swim school for your child to learn how to swim? Is your child an experienced swimmer and looking to take it up a notch?  Whatever age or level your children may be at, we can help you. We have lessons for both beginners and advanced swimmers. Everyone in your family can develop or enhance their swimming skills at Aquatics Academy.

How much does it cost to take swimming lessons?

Swimming lesson pricing can range from city-run to private swim schools. Each may offer different types of classes and packages that vary by length of the class, the number of kids in the class, and the associated costs. Since it can be challenging to compare between all of these options, it's best to think about what your ideal goals are for swimming classes for kids in Toronto. Costs normally vary depending on how many kids are in your class. If you are looking for 1-2 kids in your class, this is considered a private session. The semi-private option has 3-5 kids and the group class can vary between 6-10 students. Contact Aquatics Academy at 647.350.SWIM and one of our team members will listen to your needs and will place your child in the right group for them.

What are the different levels of swimming classes for kids in Toronto?

Beginner Lessons

With our beginner swimmers, we hone in on the basic skills required to feel calm around the water, and when swimming in the pool. Our instructors firstly focus on floating skills, with the ultimate goal of having your child floating without any assistance. Secondly, the focus is on water safety and precautions, to ensure your child is comfortable and confident in the pool. Lastly, your beginner swimmer will learn essential stroke skills and critical breathing techniques that they will always use while in the pool.

Intermediate and Advanced Lessons

Both intermediate and advanced lessons focus on kids who are comfortable and confident while swimming, and now want to improve their swimming strokes and efficiency in the pool. They will further their self-confidence by swimming in the deep end while improving their fitness levels overall. The swim strokes that we primarily focus on are; back and front crawl, breaststroke, backstroke, and treading water. For the more advanced, the butterfly stroke is introduced and practiced.

How long do swimming lessons last?

The best swim lesson length varies on how old your child is and what their learning style is. For children 6-18 months, the length is about 30 minutes. If your child is 3-5 years old, the time of the lesson is normally 30-45 minutes. If your child is between the age of 6-9 years old, the swim lesson is 45 minutes to 1 hour.

What is an advanced swimmer?

Normally an advanced swimmer is one that has a solid swimming foundation and is able to perform all of their swim strokes at a strong level. Advanced swimmers focus more on speed, endurance and technique. Our more advanced swimming classes for kids in Toronto normally start at age 9+ and will give them the opportunity to refine their stroke technique, improve their stamina and develop a more competitive swimming technique.

How many swimming lessons does a child need?

This question is a popular one at Aquatics Academy. A more important one is first, how long before my child will learn the most important water safety skills that are necessary to save themselves from drowning? There is no one true answer for either of these questions because every child is different; however, there are some approximate answers depending on how old your children are; Babies (6-18 months) take about a year and a half to two years to learn how to be safe in the water. Kids that are between 18 months and 3 years old normally take about a year. Children older than three; with no previous swim experience will take about 6 months to feel safe and secure in the water.

The best advice we can give is to have your kids start learning how to swim as young as possible. The sooner they begin, the sooner they will feel safe and ready to learn their swim strokes and technique. The most important factors to consider of how long it takes to learn how to swim are; the frequency and consistency of the lessons, their fear of water, their natural abilities and current motor skills and if they are enrolled in a group or private swimming lessons.

What is a good age to start swimming lessons?

For parents, the first possibility of their child experiencing a swim class can be quite exciting.  Here at Aquatics Academy, our Parents and Tots program is both a unique and highly specialized experience.  With all children, the age may differ, however, this specific program is geared to those that are 4 months to 3 years of age.  We ensure that you and your child are provided with an enjoyable and fun atmosphere, with safety as our #1 priority.

At what age can a child go swimming alone?

According to pediatric research, it depends on the child’s swimming abilities that would determine when they could swim alone. The age is normally about 12, and relies on their swimming competency, who else is present in the pool, and if they are swimming in a pool or open water. It is always advised to swim in small groups to support one another in case of an emergency.

What are the Red Cross levels for kids swimming lessons?

Red Cross Preschool

Red Cross Preschool lessons are catered to children between 2.5-5 years old.  The students move through the different levels listed below, based on their ongoing assessment of skill.


In this level, your child will be introduced to breathe control, rhythmic breathing, assisted shallow-water movement, glides, assisted front and back floats, basic kicks, entries and exits, and assisted jumps into chest-deep water.


When your child moves into this swim level, they will be introduced to opening their eyes underwater, more repetitive rhythmic breathing, assisted front and back float and recovery, assisted front and back glides, assisted front swim for 1m, front kicking using a floating object, assisted distance swim, Stop! Look! Ask!, and safe water entries and exits.


In this particular level your child will practice longer time of opening their eyes underwater, experience more rhythmic breathing (5x), longer durations of front and back float recovery, rollover glide with kicks (front to back and back to front), front swim, kicks on the front, and will jump into chest-deep water.  In addition, they will be introduced to roll over floats, back float recovery, kicking on front with a buoyant aid for 2m, and distance swims for 2m.


In this level your child will experience, longer rhythmic breathing and floating, back glides for 5 seconds, rollover glides, shallow water entries and exits, submerging in water, exhaling through the mouth and/or nose, front glides with kicks, flutter kicks and a swim distance of 5m.


In this level your child will move into rhythmic breathing (10x 2ways), front glide with flutter kick for 10m, flutter kick for 5m with a back glide, assisted side 5m glide with flutter kicks, assisted rollover glide and flutter kicks, distance swim for 10m, will learn site rules, intro to lifejacket safety, weight transfers in shallow water, assisted deep water activities and EMS/911 rules are discussed.


In this last level of Red cross preschool your child will continue rhythmic breathing (15x), front and back glide flutter kicks for 15m, front glide/side glide combo for 10m assisted, front swim for 10m, flutter kicks for 15m, distance swims for 15m, deep water floats for 5 seconds, change direction, deep water, holding surface support for 20 seconds in the deep water, sitting dives, and jump into deep water, change direction and return to safety.

Red Cross Swim Kids is an accredited 10-levelled swim program designed for kids 5 years old and up. In this program, your child will swim safely and have fun at the same time.  Within all of these levels, personal achievement and success are always encouraged. The Red Cross Program integrates both survival skills and stroke improvement throughout.  As the student advances through the levels the objective is to increase stroke efficiency and distance. The 10 swim levels of this program allow for skills to develop, along with more water safety knowledge. At Aquatics Academy, in addition, our instructors build in various fitness components, designed to increase physical strength, and inspire personal enhancement throughout.

The Top 5 Benefits of Swimming Classes for Kids in Toronto

At Aquatics Academy, we strongly believe that swimming for your child is a lifelong activity and part of a healthy lifestyle. We are excited and open to having you join us for swimming classes for kids in Toronto. Get in touch with us here: https://www.aquaticsacademy.ca/contact/

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