Swimming Classes for Kids

If you’re shopping around for swimming classes for kids, Aquatics Academy has a class level to meet your needs. When it comes to extracurricular activities, we believe that swimming benefits children for the rest of their lives. We have a wide range of classes that your kids will love – and they will look forward to going week after week.

Swimming Classes for Kids Provide Great Benefits

There are so many good reasons why your child should learn to swim – and the benefits will last a lifetime! Swimming lessons and water safety education are simply indispensable in a country that thrives on health, fitness and wellbeing. More than that, let’s not forget about the enjoyment!

Water safety is vital around water

Whether your kids are swimming in an ocean, a lake, or in a pool, water safety is vital. Today, the statistics for water misfortunes are scary – a certain sign that swimming expertise and safety knowledge are key to prevention.

Swim lessons bolster confidence

Studies show that children who develop swimming skills at an early age are far more confident in the water and in circumstances where swimming is required (whether swimming at a friend’s pool or partaking in a school trip).

Swimming is great as exercise

Today, younger children are just not getting enough exercise. Swimming lessons are a great start, combining both exercise and fun. Health wise, swimming is considered one of the best types of physical exercise for every age.

Enhancement of physical skills

Swimming has actually been proven to enhance a child’s physical skills. Because of the skills that are developed through swimming, other physical skills are also improved – more so than kids without swimming skills training.

Boosting social/personal skills

With swimming lessons, children learn to follow instructions, respect teachers, and socialise with others who are also learning. As they learn, children are increasingly boosting social and personal skills for their day-to-day lives.

What’s the best age for starting swimming lessons?

When it comes to swimming classes for kids, there’s no magic formula. However, there are some reasonable guidelines to follow. For example, many professional groups agree that kids under four don't really have the capacity for skills development. At the same time, parents should not assume that swimming lessons ensure a “drown-proof” child.

For the very young, swimming classes for kids can create a positive experience very quickly. For example, a parent-and-tot program allows children to quickly gain confidence and comfort in any water environment. At Aquatics Academy, we find that children’s swim lessons also have a way of imparting important water safety knowledge to the parents.

The Red Cross Swim Kids Program at Aquatics Academy 

If you’re currently looking for swimming classes for kids, the Red Cross Swim Kids Program is ideal for children 5-12 years. At Aquatics Academy, your child will learn to swim, to be safe, and to have fun. The 10 progressive levels of this program allow for skills development along with water safety instruction. Long-proven Red Cross techniques are used throughout the 10 levels.

Find out more about our amazing swim programs for children of all ages. Call us directly at 647.350.SWIM or visit https://www.aquaticsacademy.ca/program/red-cross-swimming-lessons-kids for more information.

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