Parent and Tot Swim in Toronto

If you’re looking for a parent and tot swim in Toronto, it’s probably your child’s first swimming class. In a good program, this could be the beginning of a lifelong love for swimming, and in many cases, it’s just as exciting for the parent as it is for the child.

At Aquatics Academy, we’re often asked at what age can babies start swimming lessons? The truth is, at 6 months old, your baby can join our parent and tot program.

Aquatics Academy Offers a Parent and Tot Swim in Toronto

At Aquatics Academy, the Parent and Tot Swim Program is a unique aquatic experience that precedes Red Cross Preschool Programs. We have a fabulous facility, with a proven teaching method, and a team of highly experienced swim instructors.

Our parent and tot program is fun and enjoyable – an ideal way for children to be comfortable in water, while building self-confidence. The program is targeted at children up to 3 years old, with a skills-based approach, and with water safety as a priority.

In shallow water, children partake in activities like floating, kicking, and jumping into water. A parent or guardian may accompany the child in the water, even with limited swimming abilities. The children get more and more comfortable in the water.

The instructors at Aquatics Academy combine songs and games in order to make the experience more enjoyable. At this level, skills would include breathing control, water buoyancy, and fully immersing in water (all dependent on the child’s abilities).

At Aquatics Academy, we also believe in educating parents. That way, a parent can proceed with practice and development after swim classes are done. If you’re looking for a parent and tot swim in Toronto, this is the program that will satisfy your needs.

Some of the Benefits of Toddler Swimming Lessons

Teaching your child to swim at an early age will have lifelong benefits – from overcoming fears, to developing motor skills, to socializing with others. And it’s all done in an environment of fun!

For a Parent and Tot Swim in Toronto, Join Aquatics Academy

If you’re ready for a parent and tot swim in Toronto, it’s time to join Aquatics Academy. We offer quality swim lessons, personal attention, and low instructor/student ratio. Find out more by calling 647.350.SWIM or visiting https://www.aquaticsacademy.ca/program/toddler-swimming-lessons-toronto.

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