Baby Swimming Lessons in Toronto

If you’re thinking about baby swimming lessons in Toronto, there are some age limits, but there’s really no need to wait too long. Even if your baby isn’t walking yet, there are many benefits to splashing around in pool water, and it’s best to overcome fears early.

When should you start swimming lessons for a baby?

When a baby is six months old, it’s possible to join a parent-child swim class. Although you are physically in the water with your baby, this is an excellent chance to be around other babies and get increasingly comfortable in the water. At six months, swimming skills are not a focus. Children are not typically ready for swim lessons until age three or four. Children younger than four should still take things step-by-step, without the parents getting confident too early.

Experts say that a child is ready for formal lessons when he or she is able to listen to a swim instructor and follow directions. Needless to say, the child should be comfortable in and around water before taking formal swim lessons. For parents who aren’t quite sure, it’s best to observe a swimming class before joining. If you’re considering baby swimming lessons in Toronto, Aquatics Academy is a great place to start – and a very good swim centre to consider.

How much does it cost to take swimming lessons?

The cost of swimming lessons varies based on a number of factors. Naturally, you can choose from group lessons or private lessons – and you can choose from once a week or twice a week. Whatever the choice, prices will vary according to the specific program.

Depending on the age of a child, swim lessons could last half an hour or a full hour, and here, prices will also vary. Group lessons are a cost-effective option – with a reasonable instructor/student ratio this can provide both excellent value and satisfactory lessons. To get more information about the cost of baby swimming lessons in Toronto, contact the team at Aquatics Academy. Call us directly at 647-350-SWIM or fill out our online form.

Can you take a 2-month-old swimming?

In most cases, and particularly for parents who are eager, it's best to wait at least six weeks before taking a baby into a swimming pool. The experts will agree and disagree, so it’s best to be prudent with the decision. Some swim schools provide such programs.

With appropriate supervision, properly heated water, and the right type of swimwear, your tiny tot can benefit from swimming. The truth is, babies do have a natural ability to swim and to engage with the water, but this is very personal and individual to the infant.

Is a chlorine pool safe for babies?

Many parents have anxieties about chlorine swimming pools, along with questions about chlorine and their baby. Is chlorine safe for a baby? Is it safe to submerge a baby under chlorine water? What are the after-effects once the swimming session is done?

While chlorine is a chemical, responsible maintenance people ensure the proper balance of chlorine and pH levels. For the most part, and for most people, it’s all completely safe. However, everyone is uniquely different and there may be potential side effects.

Is swimming good for babies?

What do babies wear in the pool?

Once you’ve signed up for baby swimming lessons in Toronto, you’ll want to be sure about the type of swimsuit for your child. Obviously, outdoor lessons would require a swimsuit with UV protection – otherwise, a regular bathing suit would be quite suitable.

Depending on the age of your child, a swim diaper may be necessary, and in some pools, it may be a requirement, especially if your baby is not potty trained. Unlike regular diapers, the swim diapers are water-resistant, non-absorbent, and designed to keep solids in.

For Baby Swimming Lessons in Toronto, it’s Aquatics Academy

At Aquatics Academy, we offer baby swim classes in Toronto at our two convenient locations. Our Parent and Tots Program is a unique experience for first-timers and will prepare a child for the upcoming Red Cross Preschool Programs. With a great teaching approach, the team at Aquatics Academy comprises highly trained instructors, experienced with young children. The Parent and Tots program is ideal for getting your child comfortable in and around the swimming pool.

We believe in a skills-based approach to swimming, but we never forget to provide a fun and enjoyable environment for children of all ages. Our Parent and Tots program includes floating, kicking, and jumping into the water (together with parents).

Find out more about the programs at Aquatics Academy by calling one of our team members at 647-350-SWIM. You can also visit our website at https://www.aquaticsacademy.ca and fill out our form to receive more specific information.

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