Autism Swimming Therapy in Toronto

At Aquatics Academy, we have a welcoming team of instructors and coaches who are highly professional and accommodating. A question often asked at Aquatics Academy; does swimming help kids with Autism spectrum disorder? Swimming indeed helps kids with Autism spectrum disorder for many reasons. Firstly, the pool water comforts and soothes children providing a safe environment for them to regulate their body exertion when playing or learning. Secondly, swimming in a group helps kids to develop better social skills and engagement. Thirdly, Autism swimming therapy in Toronto can improve a child’s attention span, impulse control and help them to follow directions more easily.

Our Aquatics Academy team has developed AUTISwiM, a thoughtfully designed swimming lesson program for kids with Autism spectrum disorder. Our swim coaches that implement AUTISwiM into their classes have a large amount of teaching experience and are always enthusiastic, patient and supportive. Allow Aquatics Academy to be your new swim school for your child who is in need of Autism swimming therapy in Toronto.

Can Autistic Kids Learn How to Swim?

Kids with Autism spectrum disorder can learn to swim successfully through appropriate supervision, a supportive environment and swim instruction that is developmentally fitting for a child on the spectrum. It is important to add in repetition, playful movements, word association, consistency, songs, patience, and constant encouragement during their swimming lesson. Water safety is essential for all children, however with a child with autism spectrum disorder, it makes water safety and swimming instruction even more of a priority. Drowning is the most common form of fatal injury with children on the spectrum. And according to Today’s Parent Magazine, children with Autism spectrum disorder are ‘twice as likely to drown as their neuro-typical peers’. Autism swimming therapy in Toronto can dramatically reduce drowning incidents in these children.

Our Program

AUTISwiM was designed specifically for children with Autism spectrum disorder in mind. Our programming focuses on utilizing the pool as a form of hydrotherapy, while mixing in playful movement, consistent instructor repetition (through visual and verbal cueing), and highly patient and encouraging coaching throughout. The founders of Aquatics Academy saw first hand how much swimming improved their son, Noah’s confidence, resiliency and fitness abilities, and in turn were inspired to create their own program AUTISwiM for children on the spectrum like Noah. If you are looking for Autism swimming therapy in Toronto for your child, our specialized AUTISwiM program is the one to try.

Benefits of Teaching Kids With Autism Spectrum Disorder How to Swim

Many children with Autism spectrum disorder are certainly drawn and captivated by water. For some parents this may cause considerable anxiety, however being in water is highly beneficial for autistic children. Here is a great list of benefits:

Helps them find calm & relaxation

The rhythmic and repetitive motion of swimming along with the water’s comforting qualities will bring on a sense of calm, almost immediately. Swimming quickly through the water, can also help children work out feelings of anger and frustration. Exercising in the pool releases endorphins that will in turn make the child feel more positive.

Improves their quality of life

Swimming engagement can help to overcome sensory processing issues that many children with Autism spectrum disorder have difficulty with. Scientific research shows that introducing hydrotherapy to a child on the spectrum helped them increase their eye contact initiation, their touch toleration and group participation. This will help them create better relationships long term.

Helps develop self-confidence and self-esteem

Many sports can be challenging for children with an Autism spectrum disorder to participate in, as they require the child to focus on several factors at one time. Swimming, being an individual sport, makes it easier for children to feel as though they are actively participating. This will result in both, a self-confidence and esteem boost. Swimming provides a great example of ‘parallel play’ that is both enjoyable and fun in a minimally crowded and supportive environment. This will help children feel less anxious every time they are introduced to a new setting or situation. Autism swimming therapy in Toronto offers a child success no matter what the outcome.

Lowers severity of their symptoms

Swimming is a great stimulating fitness activity, which helps children engage in concentration skills and helps them to develop self-control. In addition, swimming helps develop motor coordination and balance through its water support and freedom of movement.  

Improves their social skills

Autism swimming therapy in Toronto provides an excellent time for emotional bonding with the student, their parents, teachers and their peers. It gives a supportive atmosphere for them to practice positive communication skills. This in turn will increase the ability to interact and communicate significantly, with other people both in groups and on an individual basis.

Helps improve sensory and cognitive skills

Participating in swimming lessons boosts cognitive abilities and sensory integration. It will also improve concentration by processing simple and clear swim instructions. Such as: hold on, deep breath, jump, move hands & feet, splash water with your feet, watch me float, and more.

Swimming is a valuable ability for every child. Although, its additional benefits for children with Autism spectrum disorder cannot be refuted. Through the experience of swimming and all of its joy, children with Autism spectrum disorder can become healthier and happier in their life.

Why Aquatics Academy?

At Aquatics Academy, we pride ourselves on our swim and fitness expertise and experience. Our swim instructors incorporate fitness into all of their swim routines and programming. We incorporate a unique and very hands-on focus approach, honing in on each individual’s specific needs and levels. We created AUTISwiM specifically for children who have Autism spectrum disorder with the mission of providing an environment for them to learn safety life skills, improve their self-confidence and to lower the severity of their ongoing symptoms, all while learning to swim! If you would like to learn more about Autism swimming therapy in Toronto, call us at 647.350.SWIM or view our swimming lesson page, https://www.aquaticsacademy.ca/program/red-cross-swimming-lessons-kids for more information.

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