Choosing the Right Swim Program for Your Kid

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When searching for the right swim program for your kid, Aquatics Academy is the one to try. Are you seeking a swim-school for your child to learn how to swim?  Is your child an experienced swimmer and want to learn more?  Whatever age or level your children may be at, we can help you.  We have lessons for both first-time and advanced swimmers. We offer great options for toddler and kids swimming programs. Our swimming lessons will ensure your kid’s safety, both in and around the water. In addition, taking lessons helps to minimize parental anxiety, knowing your children, can help themselves in the case of an emergency.  Everyone in your family has the opportunity to develop and grow their swimming skills at Aquatics Academy. Below is a synopsis of Aquatics Academy’s unique swimming programming that we offer:

Parents & Tots Program

Our Parents & Tots program is designed to offer an outstanding ‘first-time' swim experience, both for parents and children.  It is set up as a fun and enjoyable way for your child to feel comfortable in the water.  Besides building familiarity and confidence in the water, this particular swim program for your kid will help them to learn all of the basic skills associated with water safety and swimming. The program is directed to those that are 4 months to 3 years of age, takes place in the shallow water, and incorporates fun activities such as, floating, kicking, jumping into the water, and important breathing techniques. Safety is always our #1 priority.  We also believe in the importance of consistent parent education, to encourage your child to ongoing practice and development, when the classes are finished.

Red Cross Preschool Swim

After the Parent & Tots swim program for your kid is completed, Aquatics Academy offers the Red Cross Preschool Swim program.  The preschool platform is a six-level, stand-alone program for children 2.5 – 5 years old. The swimmers move through the levels based on the instructor’s skill evaluation. Children are required to attend a minimum of 8 classes per level to be eligible to move forward, as well as meeting the necessary skill requirements. The named levels in order are; Sea turtle, Sea Otter, Salamander, Sun Fish, Crocodile and Whale.

Red Cross Swim Kids

After all of the Red Cross preschool swim levels are completed, we offer our Red Cross Swim Kids accredited program, a 10-level swim program, for kids 5 years and up.  In this specific swim program for your kid, they will learn how to swim safely, be fit, and have fun in the process!  All of our instructors encourage a student’s achievements in obtaining their individual best and celebrates personal successes on an ongoing basis. The program focuses on both survival skills and stroke improvement. Swimming strokes are built throughout all levels; using solid based established progressions with a large focus on distance and drills. As your child’s level progresses, the goal is to increase swim distance and efficiency in their swim strokes.  Beyond that, our attention is on safety and awareness, in, and around the water. Swimmers are required to attend a minimum of 8 classes per level, to progress forward, as well as meeting all of the necessary skill requirements.


At Aquatics Academy we welcome anyone and everyone who wants to learn how to swim! When parents are looking for the right swim program for their kids with special needs, we have unique programs to offer. Aquatics Academy is often asked if kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder can specifically learn how to swim? Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can learn to swim successfully through patient teacher supervision within a supporting atmosphere. In addition, there is a swim instruction present that is developmentally suitable for a child on the spectrum.  Water safety is essential for all children, however, when a child has Autism spectrum disorder, it makes water safety and swimming instruction even more of a priority. All of our swim coaches that facilitate AUTISwiM are supportive, enthusiastic, professional and patient, giving your child the best swimming experience out there. 

AUTISwiM was specifically designed for children with Autism spectrum disorder in mind. Our platform uses the pool as a practice of warm water therapy, while simultaneously adding lighthearted movement, regular teacher repetition (using both verbal and visual cueing), and patient and uplifting instructing throughout. The founders of Aquatics Academy had personally experienced how much swimming improved their child Noah’s resiliency, fitness abilities and self-confidence, and they were immediately inspired to create their own program for children on the Autism spectrum like their son.

Through their own understanding, the creators of Aquatics Academy, Shaun and Rebecca, are excited to offer their trademarked creation, AUTISwiM.  They have designed a specific swim program for the participating swimmer that is proved to be the best programming offered currently in Toronto.  They understand better than anyone how to plan swimming lessons tailored to a child with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), to boost their cognition and encouragingly develop her/his social connections amongst their peers.

Aquatics Academy’s top 5 benefits of finding the right swim program for your kid

  1. Builds confidence while swimming or playing in and around water
  2. Teaches your children ‘lifesaving’ skills
  3. Develops positive mental and emotional health
  4. Boosts their self-confidence, resiliency and self-esteem
  5. Develops and strengthens their physical fitness

At Aquatics Academy we are the place to visit for the best in swim programs for your kid. Like most things in life, learning to swim as young as appropriately possible, makes things easier in the future. We strongly believe that for your child, swimming is a lifelong activity and part of a well-balanced, and healthy lifestyle. Whatever swim program for your kid that you may choose, we are always available to talk about any personal goals and special needs, you are looking for, for your child. We are excited and open to having you join us.  We now have two convenient locations, in North York and Toronto south. Call us at 647.350.SWIM or contact us here https://www.aquaticsacademy.ca/contact/ for more information.

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