Summer Swim Camp Registration is Open at Aquatics Academy!

Posted in , on March 24, 2020 By Admin

Swim camp is a perfect opportunity for your child to develop swim skills, while experiencing fun activities and building their swimming confidence. Whether your child is a beginner or more advanced swimmer, our swim camp programs offer a full day of instruction, special events, and fun surprises.

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What Red Cross Swim Levels are Available in Toronto?

Posted in , on January 13, 2020 By Admin

At Aquatics Academy we believe that offering the best swim classes available to your child is of utmost importance to their long-term safety and well-being. Red Cross Swim Programs create a positive swimming experience and learning environment for your child, encouraging them to make swimming part of a healthy lifestyle and a lifelong skill.

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Aquatics Academy is a Top Choice Swim Awards Nominee!

Posted in , on December 16, 2019 By Admin

Aquatics Academy is proud to announce that we are an Official Top Choice Award Nominee for 2020 in the category of swim school! Voting is now open, and we would appreciate you taking the time to vote if you've enjoyed your experience with Aquatics Academy.

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Helping Kids Improve their Freestyle Swimming Technique

Posted in , on November 18, 2019 By Admin

Having great technique is the key to success when it comes to freestyle swimming. At Aquatics Academy we believe that there are many distinctions to the freestyle swim stroke for kids to emulate, and we have quite a few tips to share for technique improvement.

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Learn How to Swim in Toronto with Aquatics Academy

Posted in , on October 21, 2019 By Admin

Swimming is the most important, and fundamental sport that children are highly recommended to participate in. Read on to find out how Aquatics Academy can successfully guide you through this very exciting journey for your whole family.

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Where to Go For Private Kids Swimming Lessons in Toronto?

Posted in , on September 13, 2019 By Admin

If you are finding it challenging to meet the schedule of classes of your local swim school for your child, perhaps it's time to check out a private lesson option. With scheduling private kids swimming lessons in Toronto you can pick the times and days that work for you and your family.

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The Benefits of Swimming Lessons for Your Baby

Posted in , on August 19, 2019 By Admin

There are so many great benefits to enrolling your baby in swimming lessons. Even though they may not be able to talk or walk yet, it is great to get them in the pool to begin splashing and gliding through the water.

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Choosing the Right Swim Program for Your Kid

Posted in , on August 07, 2019 By Admin

When searching for the right swim program for your kid, Aquatics Academy is the one to try. Are you seeking a swim-school for your child to learn how to swim?  Is your child an experienced swimmer and want to learn more? Whatever age or level your children may be at, we can help you.

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